The wife is a Bengali, not an 'outsider', but a Bengali son-in-law JP Nadda


Bengali Hunt Desk: Mamata Banerjee has always branded all-India BJP leaders as 'outsiders'. [Mamata Banerjee] Including grassroots leadership. Recently, BJP's 11th All India President JP Nadda visited Bengal [JP Nadda]. But did you know that JP Nadda's wife is a Bengali? BJP's all-India president is actually the son-in-law of Bengal? So maybe calling him 'outsider' is not right.

JP Nadda's wife's name is Mallika Nadda. Before marriage, his last name was Mukherjee. Mallika Naddar's father's name is Subhash Chandra Mukherjee, mother's name is Jayshree Mukherjee. However, they left Bengal long ago and went to Jabbalpur in Madhya Pradesh for work. Mallika Naddar was born there. In 1991, she married JP Naddar, a resident of Himachal Pradesh. Yesterday was their wedding anniversary.

Note that Nadda recently visited Bengal. He was going to a meeting at Diamond Harbor on Thursday. The JP Naddar convoy was attacked on its way to Diamond Harbor. Multiple vehicles were vandalized. Several BJP leaders and activists, including Kailash Vijayavargi, were injured. On Naddar's arrival, agitated grassroots activists attacked his car as he entered Diamond Harbor. The glass of the car was broken. Trinamool flags were seen in the hands of people standing in the streets protesting the arrival of JP Nadda. From there the JP Naddar convoy was attacked. Then there was extreme tension between the state's ruling party and the BJP. After the attack, Nadda said the consequences would have been dire if his car had not been bulletproof.