The woman started coughing on everyone's body on the plane, and then what happened – watch the viral video

Viral video: We have found evidence of how many strange things people can do in different viral videos. This time, a strange incident took place on a female passenger plane in Corona. He started coughing on everyone's body on the plane.

The global epidemic has been going on for ten months. More than 1 million people have already died. The way to escape from the hands of Corona is to mask and social distance. But not everyone wants to follow this rule Like this woman named ‘Karen’, who protests wearing a mask and shouts ‘death is inevitable’ on the plane.

The viral footage taken by a fellow passenger shows the Scottish woman being kicked off an EasyJet flight from Belfast to Edinburgh on October 16 for refusing to wear a mask.

He got into an argument with the passengers and crew before being forcibly evicted. He can be heard swearing in vulgar language. He repeatedly said that death is inevitable, everyone will die. After that he started coughing on the body of the passengers

The video went viral on social media. Some netizens have criticized this woman Their statement is not going to stop the epidemic all over the world for some unconscious people. They should be punished. However, it was not known whether the woman was punished. However, many agree on the punishment he deserves