The woman was getting wet with the child, the person came in front and showed humanity, people said – these are the rituals


बच्चे संग भीग रही थी महिला सामने से आकर शख्स ने दिखाई इंसानियत, लोग बोले- यही होते हैं संस्कार

These days a heart touching video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which a man gives his umbrella in the rain to a woman who is getting wet with her child in the rain at that time. People are liking the video very much.

insaniyat viral video

Image Credit source: Instagram/ goodnews_movement

In today’s run-of-the-mill world, who cares about humanity? Whoever you see, he is seen to be indulging in his selfishness. There is a competition among people to go ahead and quickly, even if someone is harmed by this step, it does not matter to anyone. But it is not necessary that the humanity inside everyone has died! You must have seen many examples of this on social media, in which people go ahead instead of helping the needy. One such clip is in discussion these days.

If a person gets stuck in trouble, then our first duty is to help him… You must have heard Maithilisharan Gupta, in which he said that as long as there is humanity inside a person, he will remain a human being. A stranger has shown this line to be true, whose video is becoming very viral these days. The one who proved this by helping an unknown woman that the situation has not worsened as much as people have thought.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that many people are seen walking in the rain. Meanwhile, a woman is seen in the video who is passing by while carrying her child in her lap. Everyone standing around is ignoring him, but a person goes ahead and gives him his umbrella. Meanwhile, a person passes by there, but seeing him, he ignores and goes ahead.

This video with CCTV footage has been shared on Instagram by an account named goodnews_movement. Which has been liked by more than 1.37 lakh people till the time of writing the news and their reactions are being given by commenting on it. One user wrote, ‘Really even today humanity is alive in humans.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘When such videos come to the fore, the heart feels happy.’ Apart from this, many other people are giving their feedback by commenting on this.

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