The world famous cricketer is vocal about independent Tibet, China under pressure

Bengali Hunt Desk: West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards has spoken out about Tibet’s independence. The West Indies have won many matches with the bat of this veteran cricketer who retired from cricket 30 years ago. Even the cricket world was fascinated by the magic of his bowling. And this time the famous cricketer did something that no one will forget. He wished Tibet independence. Let me say that Tibet has not yet received the title of an independent state. They are still occupied by China.

Viv Richards tweeted on Saturday, “Happy Independence Day Tibet, you still have a long way to go.” He wrote the hashtag FreedomForTibet with this post of his. Richards’ tweet went viral shortly after.

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Famous actor and former head of FTTI Gajendra Chauhan also responded to Viv Richard’s tweet. He commented on Vive’s tweet, “Tibet wants independence.”

Let me tell you, China still claims Tibet as its own. Although the Tibetans never recognized themselves as part of China. Tibetans have long sought independence from China. Tibetans live in various places, including Himachal Pradesh in India, and have occasionally staged protests against China.