The world is full of prose in the state of hunger, the mother cooked stones for the children

BanglaHunt Desk: Seeing the realm of hunger on the streets of Calcutta, the poet Premendra Mitra wrote, ‘What could be more difficult than the skeletons of these young children on the streets – motherless, / Dadhichi bones?’. Such a touching picture of hunger came up in the media. The mother performed stone cooking to calm the starving children. So that they fall asleep at once while expecting food.

The incident was recently reported by BBC News in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. The news of the starvation of the widow named Penina Bahati Kitsao and her two children came to light through one of her neighbors. It is learned that he could not put food in the child's mouth for the last few days due to lack of it. Kitsa, a mother of eight, is now helpless. The mother has to cook stones to make the hungry children forget As soon as this news came out, many people extended a helping hand to them.

Kitsao is illiterate. She has 6 children at home. There is no water in the house – even the minimum benefits of electricity. She used to work in a local laundry after her husband died prematurely at the hands of thugs last year. But he has no job to officially announce a lockdown due to the corona virus.

Coronavirus has so far killed 32,75,475 people and 2,31,573 people worldwide. The number of people infected with corona in Kenya is now around 400. 17 people have died. However, many experts are not able to match themselves with this government calculation. According to them, the number of patients is more in this poverty stricken country.