The world will not be tax-free soon, experts gave special advice for older people


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona infection is most dangerous for senior citizens. The corona virus, which spread from China, has already reached the world as a death knell. Almost all countries are now living in panic. From day to night and from night to day there is no way to understand when it is going away. And the corona virus has been attacking older people and children since the beginning. But even in this situation, a large part of our society is struggling with the new reality that they are senior citizens. The number of corona patients in the whole country is now about sixty thousand. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again announced a lockdown till March 16 to keep the service normal and under control. But India is still in a bad situation. The situation is dire in Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi.

Diabetic patients and patients with high blood pressure are at higher risk

Although Cavid-19 is not particularly deadly compared to many other infections, it is more prevalent in the elderly and in patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. They are at greater risk.

There are two reasons why seniors may not

The virus affects senior citizens for two reasons, one is infection and the other is mental health. But in that case we need to be careful. Repeatedly telling them why the virus is dangerous for them can also cause them stress. So at this time the doctors are telling us to live a healthy and normal life from home. And all these rules must be followed.