The world's strongest cricket boards have proposed the ICC to cancel the Test Championship.


The ICC World Test Championship begins in August 2019. The final match of this World Test Championship will be held in June 2021, next year. But at the moment, the world's dominant cricket boards have appealed to the ICC for the impact that the Corona virus has had on the world, to cancel this World Test Championship and all types of one-year series of two-year series. According to the ICC, if the cricket boards of all countries agree, then the ICC will cancel the tournament.

Corona has decided to stop all cricket by the ICC until June, in which case, if the World Test Championship and one-day league matches are made, then the cricketing index will have to change drastically.

Due to Corona, all T20 World Cup qualifier matches have also been postponed due to the closure of all cricket. On the other hand, two T20 World Cups are expected in two consecutive years. For that reason, the TT World Cup in no way wants to overtake Cricket, one of the main three boards in the world, the Indian Cricket Control Board, Cricket Australia and England and Wales Cricket Board. Because if the World Cup held in Australia this year is postponed next year, then there will be difficulty with the T20 World Cup in India next year, which will cause huge financial loss to the cricket board. That is why the BCCI, CA and ECB want to cancel the World Test Championship and ODI league matches so that the two World Cups can be done properly.

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