The Yogi government is building a COVID-19 quarantine center with Azam Khan University occupied


Bangla Hunt Desk: Yogi Sarkar, a senior leader of the Samajwadi Party and Azam Khan (MP) from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, has decided to change the Johor University (Mohammad Ali Jauhar University) to the Quarantine Center in Coroner. In Rampur district, corona infected and coronary suspected patients will be kept at Quarantine Center built by Mohammad Ali Johar University of Azam Khan.

So far, six patients have been found in Rampur. The quarantine center built at their university is preparing to shift. Anjaneya Kumar Singh, the district administrator of Rampur district, monitored the Quarantine Center built at Mohammad Ali Jawahar University. Let me tell you, Azam Khan founded this university.

The university also has a medical college. OPD was performed there a few months ago. There are 3 beds available in the medical college of that university. Along with this, there is also the necessary materials. The university also has accommodation and mess facilities for 20 doctors. The district administration selected Azam Khan University as a suitable place to build a quarantine center.

Let me tell you, this university of Azam Khan is in dispute. Azam Khan has been accused of taking government land as well as local farmers and building this university. And many cases are pending in this issue. It has also been accused of using government money to build a private university. The Yogi government has taken the university under its control from Azam Khan.

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