The Yogi government will provide special packages for companies emerging from China


Many developed countries in Europe and America want to remove the manufacturing base from China. , Who have manufacturing plants in China, are planning to work in China from now on. Strong governments like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam are seeking this. The Yogi government has organized several investor conferences and exposures over the past few years to attract private investment. And these events have been quite successful. This time the Yogi government has planned to give special packages to companies fleeing from China. CM Yogi Adityanath directed the bureaucrats to prepare a special package that could be given to these companies.

“The Chief Minister has directed the Department of Industrial Development and MSME to create a package for these development companies, which can be given in the second phase of our investment collection,” he said.

A virus that originated in China has now captured the entire world. The deadly virus first spread to China, then to Italy, Iran, Spain, America. There is now a procession of death. People are trapped in the middle of the room.
India has not been eliminated. Coroner's paw has also been set up in this country to see. The number of victims has crossed 3,000. Lockdown will be celebrated across the country until April 7. Now, as the time progresses, several states are extending the lockdown period until April 7. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed. And in the meantime, the financial situation of the country is going very bad.

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