The young man sang for the birds in the car, and the netizens praised him in the viral video


viral video: A video clip of a Kashmiri singing for a bird sitting on top of a car has recently taken the internet by storm. The short clip was posted on Instagram by a netizen named Swastik Mastan. Where this young man is seen wearing Kashmiri ferans and singing for the purpose of ordinary carcasses. What makes the video even more lively is that the bird later joins the guy and starts cheering.

In his youth, Mai Chani was heard singing the oldest song in Kashmir. A video clip with a caption was posted on camera in a picturesque location in Kashmir which appears to be an English translation of his song. The lyrics of the song explain his happy relationship with the little bird in the midst of the beauty of the swastika nature.

Translating the song, it means, “My soul longed for your love, I gave you my soul, your mortal wandering restlessly. The aura in you is suffocating. I surrender at your feet, acceptance is irresistible. Your little bird sang along with the equally drunk mortality in your love. ”

The one-minute clip, posted on December 10, garnered more than 5,000 views and was also able to grab the attention of Kashmiri singer Ali Safuddin. Needless to say, a song for birds has received rave reviews from netizens.