There are no Muslims among those arrested in the Palghar incident – the Maharashtra government


Banglahant Desk: A number of people wanted to paint the incident of Palghar in Maharashtra as communal. But in this brutal murder, none of the accused is clear from the Muslim community, said Anil Deshmukh, Home Minister of Maharashtra. “None of the 101 people arrested were Muslims,” ​​he said on Facebook. Now, in the midst of Karona panic, everyone must fight together. “

On the night of April 16, 3 people drove to attend Gurudev's funeral. In the darkness of the night, the villagers arrested their baby thief on suspicion and started beating him. The three men lost their lives by beating the villagers. The video went viral on social media, sparking a storm of condemnation. Of the three dead, two were saints, 80-year-old Maharaja Kalpavikshagiri and 35-year-old Sushilgiri Maharaj. The driver of their vehicle was 30-year-old Nilesh Telgade.

In the wake of the incident, lockdown also triggered intense tensions in Maharashtra. Police arrested 3 villagers in connection with the murder. Three of the minors were held at a juvenile shelter home and four were held in police custody till April 5. In the meantime some people wanted to paint politics in the accident. It was heard that the person arrested was from the Muslim community.

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh removed the veil over the alleged allegations and said, “We will release the names of all the accused through WhatsApp today.” None of the 101 people arrested were Muslims. Now is not the time to riot over politics. Now is the time to fight the Corona virus. '

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