There is a shirt lying on the side, only a sheet is wrapped around the body of the masterpiece! That picture is viral


BanglaHunt Desk: Bed sheets are random. There is a gorgeous dress lying next to it. But Kriti Sanon did not even touch it. He posed for the camera while lying on the bed wrapped in a white sheet. That photo is viral on social media right now.

This photo was actually taken by popular star photographer Dabu Ratnani. Earlier, the actress was seen posing for Dabur's popular calendar. He was also caught in a very bold incarnation in the service. Kriti was seen in an extremely hot pose again.

Sharing the photo, Dabu Ratnani wrote in the caption, “When you want to go out, you also want to be at home at the same time.”

Incidentally, Bollywood star photographer Dabu Ratnani is quite popular. Every year, popular stars do photoshoots in new poses for his calendar. And all those photoshoots go viral every time.

Earlier this year, Kiara Advani shocked Dabu Ratnani with a topless photoshoot for her calendar. He caused a stir on social media by doing a topless photoshoot behind a page. However, Kiarai is not the first, before that Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, Sunny Leone and many others have done topless photoshoots for the Dabur calendar.

Kriti Shannon was also seen in a topless avatar. Kriti did a photoshoot in front of her hot pants and a hat in front of her chest. He was caught in such a hot avatar due to Dabu Ratnani's calendar photoshoot. That picture was extremely viral.