There is another 'story' behind KKR's sudden change of captain, again explosive Gautam Gambhir

Bangla Hunt Desk: Dinesh Karthik of Kolkata Knight Riders is giving a very disappointing performance with the bat in IPL this time. He was the captain of Kolkata and that is probably why he was not able to perform very well with the bat. However, Dinesh Karthik abruptly resigned as KKR captain before the crucial match against Mumbai Indians. After leaving the captaincy, Karthik said that now he wants to focus only on his batting, which is why he left the captaincy. In other words, Karthik left the captaincy to win the Kolkata Knight Riders with the bat.

Everyone has praised Dinesh Karthik's sacrifice for the team. Incumbent KKR captain Eoin Morgan even praised Dinesh Karthik's self-sacrifice when it came to tossing against the Mumbai Indians. But is it really so easy for Dinesh Karthik to leave the captaincy? Or is there another story behind it?

In the middle of the tournament, Gautam Gambhir opened his mouth about the change of captain of Kolkata Knight Riders. Gambhir said that despite having a World Cup winning captain in the team, he did not understand why the KKR team management put extra pressure on Dinesh Karthik. Eoin Morgan should have been the captain of KKR from the beginning. Then Dinesh Karthik could have played a little more stress free. But it is difficult to say what will be the benefit of suddenly changing the captain in the middle of the tournament. Gambhir added that it is a good thing that Karthik wants to leave the captaincy and focus on batting. But there is another story behind it. I think the KKR team management was not happy with Karthik's performance. And that is why Karthik has stepped down from the captaincy.