There is no marriage written on the forehead, the astrologer informed Salman on the face!


BanglaHunt Desk: Although he is the 'Most Eligible Bachelor' in Bollywood, Salman Khan has fallen in love with many stars. He has been associated with different actresses at different times. That list includes Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Jarin Khan and many more.

The relationship with any of them did not last in the end. It is rumored that Salman is in love with model Yulia Vantur. But no one knows when the actor will marry Yulia. Meanwhile, the wheel of age is rolling. Finally, an astrologer informed that Salman's marriage is not written on his forehead.

In fact, Saturday, October 3rd was the opening episode of Bigg Boss Season 14. Renowned astrologer Pandit Janardhan from Mumbai was the guest in this special episode. Or he says by looking at the face of the fate of the people, that is the belief of the people. He is the prophet who made Salman.

In the inaugural episode, Pandit Janardhan was predicting the faces of the Bigg Boss contestants. Looking at the face of Nikki Tamboli, one of the most popular contestants of the season, he said, “Nikki is actually very smart, even though she is simple on the outside.
Then Salmon became curious to know his fate from the scholar. He asked when the marriage would be his. But the astrologer said that there is no possibility yet.

However, the nephew did not give up. On the contrary, he said, it was this astrologer who said six years ago that Salman would get married soon. Is there no yoga in front of the marriage? In reply, the scholar said, there is no hope.

Although he was a little disappointed at first, Salman handled the matter with a smile. Said, “Very well, there is no hope of marriage!” However, Salman's fans have become quite disappointed with this statement of the astrologer. Will you never be able to sit on the wedding pedestal, nephew? The question arises.