There is no need to lighten the lockdown because of these, the imams wrote to Mamata Banerjee


Bangla Hunt Desk: Eid al-Fitr is a big festival of the Muslim community. The holy Eid moon can be seen in the sky on May 25. But in the meantime, the Bengal Imams Association has appealed to the Chief Minister not to relax the lockdown. It should be continued till May 30.

Their moon may rise in the sky on May 25

In the current difficult situation people have forgotten all the joyous occasions. May 25 is the day of celebration of the Muslim community. On this Eid occasion, every year at this time all the shops and markets including New Market are crowded with people. Traders can also make a hefty profit at this time. But today everything is stalled for fear of an epidemic. People are under house arrest.

Let the people live first, the festival can be done later

A letter was sent to the state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on behalf of the Bengal Imams Association, an organization of imams, in this day of crisis. In the letter, the Imams appealed to the Chief Minister, “We have no need to relax the lockdown because of these.” Let the people live first, the festival can be done later. We are all sacrificing so much together, willing to do more for human life. We will never ask the Chief Minister for an answer as to why another shop was opened.

Petition not to take lockdown should be informed to the center

The third phase of lockdown has been implemented by the Center till May 16. In this regard, the Imams have requested, “Even if the lockdown is lifted from the Center after May 16, the lockdown should not be relaxed from the state.” Lockdown should be extended to May 30. If necessary, the Chief Minister can take this petition to the Central Government. We are by your side. '

Imams are reluctant to indulge in the orthodoxy of religion

The Bengal Imams Association has been in favor of the government since the beginning of the lockdown at the beginning of the country's Corona (COVID-19) terror. Letters have been pulled out of mosques in different places. He instructed the people not to leave the house but to pray from home, to fast, to observe the rules of fasting and to observe various rules apart from the month of Ramadan. By handing over this letter to the Chief Minister, they made it clear that they were reluctant to indulge in the orthodoxy of any religion.