There is not a single double Kim Jong Un, such a claim is rising with evidence!

BanglaHunt Desk: A few days ago, the news of the death of Kim Jong Un came and the whole country went into a frenzy over it. It was later revealed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in good health and alive.
Although no suspicious activity was reported, April 15 raised questions about Kim's health.

Confusion over Kim Jong Un's death

Because a ceremony was held on April 11 to mark the birthday of Kim-2 Song, the founder of North Korea and Kim's grandfather. But Kim Jong Un did not appear at any public event that day. And then the suspicion grows. The United States has said that her condition worsened after the heart surgery. But this time some surprising information has come up. The new picture has changed a lot from his previous picture. However, the structure of his face may change according to his diet and age.

Many claim that the two pictures of Kim Jong Un are identical

“There are a lot of differences between these two pictures, but I don't want to argue,” said Lewis Mens. He also said that his teeth have changed from before. Even teeth will change. And another of the angry staff said, “His body has changed a lot. “

According to many, there are two Kim Jong Un

Jennifer Zheng, a blogger, shared many photos. She shared a photo with a dot on Kim's wrist; However, some have suggested that it may be related to recent cardiovascular procedures.