There was no effect of fire, this company sold Electric Scooters fiercely


आग लगने का नहीं पड़ा कोई असर, इस कंपनी ने जमकर बेचे Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter Sales: Last year there were many incidents of electric scooters catching fire. Because of this, the sales of electric scooters were also affected a lot. However, the sales of electric scooters have been amazing this year.

Ola Electric Scooter

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The sale of electric scooters has made electric two-wheeler companies happy. However, last year saw a lot of ups and downs in the sales of electric scooters. In 2022, there were many incidents of fire in electric scooters of companies like Ola, Okinawa and Pure EV. Ola’s electric scooter It has been separated by breaking. But in the financial year 2022-23, no effect of fire or breakdown of scooter has been seen. Ola Electric has sold so many electric scooters that it has become India’s number 1 electric two-wheeler company.

Despite the incidents of fire, electric scooters have managed to build trust among the people. Especially after the shortcomings of Ola scooter, the company managed to sell more than 1.5 lakh electric scooters. In the financial year 2022-23, Ola Electric has sold 1,52,542 units.

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Electric Scooter Sales: Fierce sales of electric scooters

  1. Ola Electric: Ola’s performance was better in every respect. Compared to 2021-22, the company has sold electric scooters with a growth of 959.25 percent. In 2021-22, the company sold only 14,401 electric scooters. There was a difference of 1,38,141 units in the sales of Ola this year. In the Indian market, the company sells OLA S1, OLA S1 Pro and OLA S1 Air.
  2. Okinawa: There have also been incidents of fire in Okinawa’s electric scooters. However, the company managed to increase sales. In the financial year 2022-23, the electric two-wheeler manufacturer has sold 94,626 units. During this, the company has registered an increase of 103.71 percent.
  3. Hero Electric: Hero Electric was the third largest company in India in terms of selling electric scooters. Hero has sold 88,591 electric scooters. However, there was not much jump in the growth of the company. The company has sold electric scooters with a growth rate of 35.66 percent.
  4. Ampere: The electric two-wheeler company has also achieved good growth. Ampere has sold 84,551 electric scooters in 2022-23. Ampere’s sales increased by 242.98 percent. Last year the company sold only 24,652 units.
  5. TVS: TVS has also sold well with the TVS iQube. In the financial year 2022-23, TVS has sold 81,887 electric scooters. Apart from this, the company has registered a huge growth of 740.99 percent. Last year the company’s sale was only 9,737 units.

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