There was no food in the house, so the people were killed by killing a cobra of 5 feet


Banglahunt Desk: Three predators of Arunachal Pradesh (Arunachal Pradesh) have arranged to cure their self-loathing with a cobra snake after falling into a food crisis. They have been doing this since the lockdown led to a food crisis. As soon as the video of the incident spread, the local police filed a case against them.

The first round of lockdown was issued in India to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19). Even before that deadline, the Prime Minister extended the lockdown deadline again on 3rd May, before the 3rd of April. At this time the countrymen are asked to maintain social distance. And forbidden to go out without an urgent need. But at this time three hunters from Arunachal Pradesh caught a 6-foot-tall cobra snake for food in the hut.

Their video recently came out with a video. They said they were now in danger of both money and food as work stopped for the lockdown. Rice, pulses in the house are nothing. So they catch the venomous snake from the forest to prevent food irritation. Kill the snake from the jungle, to eat its meat. They then take the help of banana leaves to remove the snake's bark. Then they eat the snake.

Senior forest officials in Itanagar said the victims have been sued under the Wildlife Protection Act. He said, 'The hunters who killed this cobra have already been identified'. Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Wildlife Warden Umesh Kumar said, “A team from the forest department went to the spot and got information about the incident. The team confirmed that the snake was killed and eaten by hunters. '

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