These 6 CEOs have donated all of their salaries, not giving less than a penny to the employees


BanglaHunt Desk: The second phase of lockdown is going on across the country. The country's stagnant economy has already entered its fifth week. The cutting edge can fall on workers in large parts of the country at any time. Many are already unemployed. In the meantime, some noble CEOs are giving up all their salaries to save the jobs of the employees. Find out who is on this list

Paytm captain Vijay Shekhar Sharma

The Paytm leader had long been aware of the country's impending economic crisis. Late last month, Vijay announced from his Twitter handle that he would not receive any salary for the next two months. This salary will be used to support his staff who have been affected by the Covid 19.

Oyo captain Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh, the captain of Oyo, is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. He has already stated in a statement that he will not receive a single penny in the fiscal year 2020. Besides, many senior officials of Oyo have also taken such a decision.

Bhabesh Agarwal Ola Cabs

Like Ritesh, Bhabesh is also a young entrepreneur, he too will not get a single salary in this financial year. All of his salary will go to Olar's 'Drive the Driver Fund'. This ‘Drive the Driver Fund’ (‘Drive the Driver Fund’) is basically in the interest of auto, cab, bike, taxi drivers as much as it is associated with Olar. The main purpose of this project is to solve their financial crisis in Corona situation. Bhabesh and other Olar workers have also contributed Rs 20 crore to the fund.

Deep Kalrao is the founder and CEO of Make My Trip

Deep Kalrao also said that Corona did not take a single penny in the situation. The entire amount of his salary will be handed over to the relief fund of the central government. He also confirmed that no staff would be laid off from his company.

Rajiv Bajaj is the CEO of Bajaj Auto

Rajiv Bajaj has already said that he will not take full 100 percent salary. Besides, the Bajaj chief has also demanded a reduction in the salaries of other workers to stand by the society and the country in the Corona situation. It is learned that some of his employees will not be paid.

Uday Kotak (Kotak Mahindra Bank)

Uday Kotak has said that he will get a salary of only one taka from his company this year. The rest of his salary will go to the staff.