These Indian companies have invested $40 billion in America, what will happen to them if there is a recession?


अमेरिका में भारत की इन कंपनियों ने किया है 40 अरब डॉलर का निवेश, आई मंदी तो इनका क्या होगा?

The Central Bank of America has once again increased the interest rates. Banking sector is sinking. The condition of more than 180 banks has deteriorated. There are all signs of recession. Wait, why are we talking about America? What is India’s connection with this? Many estimates are telling that there will be no recession in India, then why is the country in danger?

Yes, the answer to these questions is hidden in the CII report which states that Indian companies have an investment of more than $40 billion in America and 4.25 lakh direct jobs have been created. If there is a recession in America, what will happen to these Indian companies who have staked more than Rs.3.25 lakh crore in America?

CII report

CCI has published a report titled ‘Indian Roots, American Soil’. According to this report, 85 percent of the companies are planning for additional local recruitment in the next five years. In which 83 percent are planning for future US investment. According to the report, 50 percent of the people participating in the CII survey also told that they are expecting more US based R&D projects in their funding pipelines.

Where is the maximum investment

Indian FDs in the US are present in all the 50 US states, with Texas having the highest exposure. It is followed by Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. Indian FDI has invested in the US in 163 companies from sectors such as Life Science, Pharmaceuticals and Health Sector, IT and Telecom, Manufacturing and Services.

Indian companies have created maximum direct jobs in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Florida and California. CII said that Indian firms have invested the most in Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.

What will happen in recession?

There are signs of recession in America. Now the question is that when there is a recession in America, what will happen to these Indian companies who have invested more than 40 billion dollars and have generated lakhs of jobs in America. If experts are to be believed, these companies can suffer huge losses. At present, these Indian companies have become very important for the American economy. According to experts, Indian companies are not going to cover their sacks from America because the loss is not going to be for a long time and America is fully capable of dealing with this undeclared recession.

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