Thinking of her dream lover, the red grass in shame, the actress danced on the bed of the bride's flower bed! Viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Trina Saha is one of the most popular actresses in Bengali serials. She has another identity, she is the future wife of Neel Bhattacharya. The two are getting married next year. Before that, Trina has been dancing in her serial 'Kharakuto'.

However, this marriage is not his own, but his character Gungun. Earlier, Trina was seen dancing like a bride. He did not leave out the flower bed. The new bride woke up and sat on the bed and started dancing. That video is now viral on social media.

As can be seen in the video, Trina is waking up in a very neat outfit dressed as a new bride. After that, she starts dancing red with shame, thinking about her boyfriend who has been dreaming all night. Trina was seen dancing to the tune of Neha Kakkar's popular song 'Nehu Da Biyah'.

Earlier, Trina was seen dancing with her girls gang at a bachelorette party. The actress had planned the whole movie like a dance scene. They were seen dancing to the tune of popular Hindi songs. But the centerpiece of all is the grass itself. The video went viral in the middle of the moment.

Before that, Trina was seen dancing in a catchy Hindi song dressed as a modern bride wearing a tikli on her head, vermilion on her scalp, jeans and a sweater. It is a viral moment to share that video on social media. Trina is seen rocking her waist to the beat of the popular Hindi song 'Dhatin Nach'.

By the way, the music program on January 9 is blue and grass. Both of them started their dance practice on that occasion. It is known that the music will be in the rooftop lounge in Bollywood style. Trina's serial Kharakuto and Nilur's serial Krishnakoli will be performed by both the teams on that day. This day is also the engagement of blue grass. That is what Trina Saha said.

However, the marriage is going to be in the Bengali style. 3rd February is the Iburobhat episode of the two: along with Trina's Mehndi program. It is learned that Aritra Bandyopadhyay will also have a performance on this day. Trina is going to decorate Indo Western with mehndi and music.