This advertisement of Zomato created ruckus, people called it casteist, said- Boycott it


Zomato के इस विज्ञापन ने मचाया बवाल, लोगों ने बताया जातिवादी, कहा- बहिष्कार करो इसका

There was a ruckus on an advertisement of Zomato Image Credit source: Twitter/@Suraj_raghu20

Online food delivery firm Zomato is once again in controversy. In fact, on June 5, on the occasion of World Environment Day, Zomato released an advertisement with the aim of promoting cleanliness and preventing food waste, but for one reason it created a ruckus. watching the controversy grow zomato has withdrawn the ad, but people on Twitter are now demanding a boycott. The hashtag #BoycottZomato is trending top since Friday morning.

It happened that Zomato had made an advertisement about a Dalit character ‘Kachra’ from the 2001 film ‘Lagaan’, played by Aditya Lakhia. But even in the advertisement they were displayed as garbage. People did not like the same thing and they started opposing Zomato’s ad terming it as casteist.

Zomato’s advertisement, which has created a ruckus

What did Zomato say on the advertisement?

People said – Zomato your advertisement is casteist

This is not the first time that there has been a ruckus regarding an ad of Zomato. Last year, the company made an advertisement about Hrithik Roshan, in which he was seen saying that Thali ka man kiya in Ujjain, Manga liya mahakal se. The priests of Mahakal had strongly objected to this. He claimed that the sentiments of Hindus were hurt by this act of the company.

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