This Aussie star can deceive his own franchise, Michael Clarke, by getting less money


Bangla Hunt Desk: The IPL auction was held on February 18 in Chennai. Many anonymous and inexperienced cricketers were sold at that price in that auction. However, to everyone’s surprise, Delhi Capitals have picked Smith for only Rs 2 crore 20 lakh. And that’s what surprised Aussie captain Michael Clarke.

With Smith receiving so little money in the IPL, Clarke predicted that Smith would withdraw from the IPL for no apparent reason as he received so little money from other cricketers. Clarke thinks that Smith can withdraw from the IPL on any false accusation even if there is no international match or family reason.

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According to Michael Clarke, Smith’s performance in the Twenty20 is not a very good one. However, in 2018, Rajasthan returned Smith to the team for 12.5 crore rupees, but this time Delhi has taken Smith for only 2.20 crore rupees. The IPL will run for a total of 11 weeks with quarantine episodes and leagues. And for these 11 weeks, Smith will never want to leave his family for just Rs 2.20 crore. Clarke speculates that Smith may withdraw from the IPL within three days of his arrival in India, citing Hamming’s injury.