This beggar from Punjab has given 1 month ration to 100 families and distributed 3000 masks


BanglaHunt Desk: During the crisis in Corona, many people, starting from leaders and celebrities, have extended a helping hand. But it is like reading another example. Whose own food is not right. Who runs the day by begging. One such beggar from Punjab set an example by donating rations and 3,000 masks to 100 families.

There are many people in the country who make a living by begging. But there is a beggar in Pathankot, Punjab who has become a warrior of Corona. Divyang Raju, who survived by begging, has set a similar example. Which will always be remembered. Raju has so far distributed one month's ration and 3,000 masks to 100 poor families.

Raju spends all day begging on a tricycle. With this money, he helps people. Raju also married a poor girl with his begging money. Raju says that whatever money he earns throughout the day, he spends as much as he can, collects the rest of the money and helps the needy people.

The bridge leading to a road on Dhangu Road in Pathankot has collapsed. Due to which people were facing problems. People complained to the administration many times. But Raju fixed the culvert with his begging money. It was discussed all over the Punjab. Raju is deeply saddened that his people have driven him away. So, if I do something good, it's probably people who are able to carry my body on their shoulders at the last minute. Otherwise the beggars live on the ground and die on the ground.

In addition, Raju pays school fees to poor children and has so far married 22 poor girls. He builds reservoirs, arranges water for people in the summer. Because of the corona virus, he helps where government machinery has completely failed.