This child seen in mother’s lap is a big superstar today, has replaced Akshay Kumar, can you recognize him?


मां के गोद में दिख रहा ये बच्चा आज है बड़ा सुपरस्टार, अक्षय कुमार को कर चुका है रिप्लेस, पहचान पाए क्या?

childhood photos of bollywood actorsImage Credit source: Instagram

Bollywood Actor Childhood Pic: all Bollywood The fan following of stars is so strong that millions of people like each of their photos and videos. Along with the latest pictures, many times when some old pictures of stars come to the fore, some fans recognize them and some get tricked into recognizing them.

Many times the childhood photos of the stars also become viral and their innocence wins the hearts of the people. We are showing you a childhood photo of a Bollywood actor. Along with this, we will also give you some hints, with the help of which you have to tell the name of that actor.

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Today this child is a big superstar

Kartik Childhood Pic

In the picture you can see that a small child is seen in his mother’s lap. The child has made two braids of hair and he is looking very cute. As cute as the child looks in the picture, today he is equally handsome. Today he is a big superstar of Bollywood and millions of girls are crazy about him.

Replaced Akshay Kumar

This actor made his Bollywood debut in the year 2011 and now he has made a very special place in the industry as well as in the hearts of the people. Today he is so popular that last year he replaced him in the sequel of a film by Akshay Kumar. People liked that film a lot and proved to be a blockbuster at the box office.

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The dancing style of that actor became quite viral from the film. People fiercely made reels videos on it on social media. Let us give one more information that some time ago there was a discussion that this actor will replace Akshay in the next part of Hera Pheri. Now you must have recognized this child. Yes, it is none other than Karthik Aryan, who was seen in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 instead of Akshay. Karthik’s popularity has increased a lot with this film.

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