This is called a bull kill me, they were posing for photos with crocodiles, see what happened then


इसे कहते हैं आ बैल मुझे मार, मगरमच्छ संग खिंचवा रहे थे फोटो, देखिए फिर क्या हुआ

Crocodile Attack Video: A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which some people are seen posing for photographs with crocodiles. However, the next moment the animal splits up and then there is a hue and cry.

The crocodile had to be taken lightly

Image Credit source: Instagram/@earth.reel

There is a saying, ‘One should not take enmity with a crocodile while living in water’. But we say that brother, wherever he is, we should stay away from him. Otherwise, this ‘demon’ of water can also make you see Yamraj. Now take this video only. In this, some people were trying to take a photograph of a crocodile lightly. But only then the crocodile shows such a terrible form that on seeing it, there is a scream.

Some people catch a stray crocodile from the river. But after that don’t know what thinking they start taking photographs with the dreaded animal. In the video, a woman can also be seen sitting near the crocodile. But the very next moment the crocodile splits up and then attacks the woman. After this, the shouting starts there. People can be seen running here and there after this attack in the video.

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Watch here, video of crocodile

The video has been shared on Instagram with an account named earth.reel. User captioned, What is your opinion on this video? It is obvious that after watching the clip, people are enjoying the people who clicked photographs with the crocodile. Hundreds of users have liked the video uploaded a day ago, while the process of comments continues.

A user has written, Hey brother, the one with whom you were getting the photo taken is not a dog. On the other hand, the other has commented, considering him a rabbit, were you patting his back. Another user says, he was saved, otherwise the crocodile would have made him see Yamraj. Similarly, people are continuously registering their respective reactions.

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