This is called daughter! Will be in tears after seeing what you did for father


इसे कहते हैं बेटी! पापा के लिए जो किया, देखकर छलक जाएंगे आंसू

You will become emotional after seeing the service of a little girl

Heart Touching Video: It is said that daughters are found with great fortune. Those who have done some good deeds in life, it is in their destiny to be the father of a daughter. Although even today, daughters are considered a burden in many places. If a daughter is born in the house, people take it as a curse, whereas there are millions of people in the world who consider themselves lucky to be the father of a daughter. Perhaps this is the reason why a daughter’s attachment is more towards her father. You must have also seen how daughters are engaged in the service of their father. social media but nowadays such a beautiful video viral What is happening, seeing which will not only make your heart happy, but probably tears will also roll down your eyes.

Actually, the father’s leg was hurt. He was not able to walk properly, because one leg was plastered and because of this he had to walk with the help of a stick. This pain of the father was not seen by the little girl and she immediately started pulling a chair for him, so that he could sit comfortably on it. Then he also took father’s stick from his hand and kept it at another place. It is not just said that daughters suffer even for a single pain of their father, but this video is a living example of that. If you happen to be the father of a daughter, then you will be able to understand this better. This sight will not bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

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Watch the beautiful video of the little girl

This heart touching video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter by the ID named @TheFigen_ and it is written in the caption, Little kind heart! Proud to be the father of a daughter. This video of just 28 seconds has been viewed more than 1 million times till now, while more than 2 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, seeing this service of a little girl towards her father, the users have also given various wonderful reactions. One user has written that ‘daughters are angels and I have 2’, while another user has written that ‘that’s why I want a daughter’.

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