This is how Ashwin Garg, a naval captain for 15 years, won the Corona War

BanglaHunt Desk: Ashwin Garg defeated the deadly disease corona virus (COVID-19) through yoga exercise. A resident of Suryanagar in Meerut, he served as a Captain in the Merchant Navy for 15 years. Despite being positive 5 times, he is now back home healthy.

While all the people in the world are terrified of the corona virus, on the other hand, despite being corona positive 5 times, Ashwin Garg, a resident of Meerut, returned home healthy. He has served in the Merchant Navy for the past 15 years. Following the advice of his brother, who lives in Germany, he overcame this deadly virus through his perseverance in yoga. At present, he has been discharged from Meerut Medical College and has returned home and placed himself in quarantine for 14 days.

Returning from the brink of death, the man said, ‘After the corona is positive, during the treatment, it is necessary to use a mask, maintaining social distance by helping the doctors. Don't be upset if negative results come. Treat in the right way, take medicine. And if possible, do at least 30 minutes of yoga exercises a day. Then you will be much healthier. '

Returning home after winning the Corona battle, he said his brother sent him several videos of yoga exercises while he was being treated at the hospital. During this time he tested positive for the corona virus. But then he started doing yoga exercises as suggested by his brother. And on April 15, his No. 6 corona test came negative. He was released from the hospital on the night of April 17.

He has served in the Merchant Navy for the past 26 years. He then worked as an auditor at a shipping company. He went to Singapore to work for his company. When he returned, he found symptoms of the corona virus in his body. That's why he left himself alone in the quarantine at home. As a result, no other person could be infected from him. And in the end he too lost this deadly virus and came back victorious in the battle of life.