This is how Deepika prepared before the Oscar speech, for the first time backstage pictures surfaced


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Deepika Padukone Oscars 2023: Today Deepika Padukone Not only popular in India but internationally. Many times he has been seen on the international stage. She also attended Oscars 2023, where she won everyone’s heart with her brilliant speech. For a long time his speech video was going viral on social media.

India got two Oscars in Oscars 2023, it was discussed everywhere, along with Deepika was also appreciated by the people for her brilliant speech. Now after about a month and a half of the program, by sharing the pictures of the backstage, he has shown how he was preparing for that big function.

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How did Deepika prepare?

Deepika has shared many pictures on Instagram, in which she is seen preparing to go on stage. She is seen in a beautiful black dress, in which she was seen on stage. It can be seen in the photos that a diary is kept in front of her and perhaps she is reading her speech in it and preparing herself as to what she has to say on stage.

Deepika Oscar

In one picture, she is also seen having a discus with a man. He has also shared pictures during his entry on the stage. In other pictures, she is seen on the stage. Sharing these photos with the fans, Deepika wrote in the caption, “And the rest is history.”


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Natu-Natu song was introduced

Let us tell you that Deepika had introduced the song Natu-Natu on the stage of Oscar. After his brilliant speech, there was also a performance on this song on the stage. Please inform, this song of RRR film was given Oscar for Best Original Song. The Elephant Whispers from India also received this award for Best Short Documentary.

Deepika Oscar

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