‘This is my last morning’, the day after posting this on Facebook, Kovid died


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Outbreak virus has spread across the country. People are being attacked at a record rate day by day. In the last 24 hours, the number of record-breaking attacks has reached nearly 3 lakh. In such a worrying situation, many people are losing their lives due to the virus. Crisis situation across the country in the second wave of Corona.

In the midst of such a dire situation, a Covid Positive doctor wrote a post on Facebook on Saturday. There he gave the message, ‘Perhaps this is my last morning’. The next day, Kovid was killed by Manisha Yadav, a medical officer in Mumbai. Manisha Basu, a medical officer and doctor at the TB Hospital in Seori, Mumbai, was notorious for not being able to recover from the recent second wave of corona. Kovide was attacked.

However, Manisha realized that she did not have much time left. So he posted on Facebook, ‘This is probably the last good morning of Acre. You may see me again on this platform. ‘ Then Manisha further writes, ‘The body dies, not the soul, the soul is immortal’. Then on Monday the doctor Manisha Basu (Manisha Yadav) gave up his last breath.

It is to be noted that Sankha Ghosh, a world-renowned poet, lost his life on Wednesday. His death has cast a shadow of mourning over the whole of Bengal. Tears welled up in the world of Bengali literature at the news of his demise, leaving behind half of the world’s wealth.