This is that little pot! Hiya danced tumultuous belly with open waist, extreme viral video


Banglahant Desk: Everyone must remember the popular Bengali serial 'Patol Kumar Gaanwala'. Sweet girl Patal's extraordinary and simple performance soon won the hearts of the audience. The TRP of Janal was the culmination of that series. However, it is needless to say that it will be very difficult to recognize that Patal now.

Patal was played by Hiya Dey. He then played the role of Alo's childhood in Zee Bangla's popular serial 'Alo Chhaya'. Serial lovers will be shocked to see that little girl now. Hiya is quite active on social media.

The number of Hear fans on Instagram handle is not less. Now the number of his followers has exceeded 19 thousand. As soon as you peek at the Hair Insta handle, you will see one tick after another video and picture. Hiya has already started doing Divya photoshoot.

Hiya recently shared a video of her belly dance. This is the first time she has tried belly dancing, she said in the post. She danced in a white t-shirt and black pants. This video of Chhota Patal has gone viral.

By the way, November 21 was his birthday. On that occasion, a surprise was organized at his house. Hiya shared photos and videos of the party on her Insta handle. All those posts have gone viral.

Incidentally, after the immense popularity of Patalkumar Ganwala, Hiya became known as Patal. This serial was at the peak of its popularity. Then Hiya was seen again in the childhood character of Alo in Zee Bangla serial 'Alo Chhaya'. Sweet Hiya also won the hearts of everyone with her acting skills in the role of Chhota Alo.