‘This is the end of our story’, Neetur, wife of an emotional post, shared a picture of the sage


Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has left his 40-year married life and left his family. All the wonderful pictures and people close to him were left behind. This departure of the actor is very sudden and sudden. The biggest proof of this is the picture of the sad face of his wife Neetu Kapoor and son Ranbir. This time Neetu expressed his thoughts on social media.

After Rishi Kapoor's death, a message was given on behalf of his family. The actor wanted to see a smile on everyone's face till the last moment. He himself has always come with the importance of family and friends. So let him be remembered through laughter even after his death without shedding tears. That was the appeal of his family.

Neetu also shared that message. This time he shared a picture of Rishi Kapoor and wrote, “Our story ends here”. In the picture, the actor is seen smiling with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Many stars have responded to the comments themselves.

Daughter Riddhima, niece Karisma gave heart emoji. Actor Sonu Sood writes, ‘This story has inspired many more stories. Some stories never end, they stay with us forever. '

Rishi and Neetu Kapoor have been married for 40 years. First several years of love, then marriage. The couple got married in 1970. Rishi and Neetu were seen acting together in a film long after their marriage.

The actor was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. He moved to America with his wife for medical treatment. His treatment was going on there for two years. After recovering from there, the sage said in an interview that he would not have been able to fight without his wife Neetu, son Ranbir and daughter Riddhima. He has expressed his trust in Neetu many times.