This is the real Murga Dance! Seeing the video, people said – just do it, otherwise someone will fry and eat it


असली Murga Dance तो ये है! वीडियो देख लोग बोले- बस कर, वरना कोई तलकर खा जाएगा

Murga Dance: These days a new type of cock dance video has attracted people’s attention on social media. In this, the person has danced in such a way that people are unable to control their laughter.

Have you ever seen a cock dance like this?

Image Credit source: Instagram/@12m_queen__

Funny Dance Video: so far you have tried many cock dance Must have seen, but seeing the video which has now surfaced on the internet, people are saying that brother, this is the real cock dance. However, watch this video at your own risk only. Because it is possible that after watching the clip, you will not be able to control your laughter. At the moment, this video of a boy turned into a cock is creating a lot of ‘mutiny’ on social media. There itself, Video But people are also reacting in a funny way.

You must have noticed that the dancing talent within some people comes out on its own in the wedding party. On the other hand, some mislead in such a way that don’t even ask. Now such a video has come to the fore, in which you can see that a person becomes a rooster by tying a tapestry around his head and applying the tail of a broom. After this, the person gets tired in such a way that don’t even ask.

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Watch here cock dance video

This very funny rooster dance video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named 12m_queen__. Now people are going mad laughing after seeing this video. This clip of a few seconds is so strong that people like to watch it again and again. This video uploaded on 8th April is making a lot of noise in the internet ‘world’. More than 3.6 lakh people have liked the video, while many people have reacted in a fun way.

One user says, stop now, otherwise anyone will make chicken dinner for you. At the same time, a user tagged his brother-in-law and wrote while enjoying, when did you make this video. Overall, people are liking this video so much that they are tagging friends in the comment section and inviting them to watch it.

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