This majestic person is reaching the remote areas by walking 18 km every day on the way to the forest

This majestic person walks 17 kilometers every day on the way to the forest to reach the remote areas

When all the schools in India were closed in Corona Lockdown, one teacher went to school every day thinking about the students. In fact, most of the people in the school where he teaches are below the poverty line. Online classes are not possible due to lack of smart phones. So he went to school every day. He reached the school on foot every day as the vehicles were stopped at the lockdown. Also 18 km along the forest path.

The name of this majestic teacher is Mini Corman. Rose, a resident of Malappuram, Kerala, traveled 16 kilometers through the forest to reach the school. There is also the fear of tigers in this way. As soon as the news came out, the five-faced netizens praised this teacher.

Mini said she joined the school in 2015 as a contract teacher. Everything was fine before the Corona lockdown, but after the lockdown began, it became impossible for Mini to deliver education to these low-income students. Because the students of that village do not have the ability to buy smartphones. So it is not possible to take online classes. Education cannot stop for the epidemic. So Mini decided to go back to school.

But public transport is closed in Corona situation. So Mini had to travel 16 kilometers to the forest on her way to school. Of which 1 km was mountain climbing. Mini said that since childhood, she has been in the habit of going to distant school and college, so it was not a problem for her to walk this path. Wild animals have been seen many times in the dense forest. But he did not stop going to school out of fear.