This man went to the office for four years after wearing women's clothes, you will be surprised to know the real reason

Viral photo: Women are always seen in jeans or blazers. But have you ever seen a man go to the office after a skirt-high heel? This is what this German man named Mark Bryan is doing.

Mark is a robotics engineer. He is survived by his wife and three children. Mark, 61, has been in the office for the past four years, dressed as a girl.

Why does he wear women's clothes? In response, Mark said he has chosen this fancy way to popularize all types of clothing and eliminate gender inequality in clothing. Mark also made this statement on his Instagram handle.

Mark said he had never been questioned by colleagues about his attire. Even before that he used to go to the office after heels.

In fact, gender inequality is a huge problem in our society. Even today, many people cannot accept the equal rights of men and women. Mark threw a challenge in front of that society after such a dress. Some netizens have filled Mark with praise.