This recipe is the most searched by Indians on Google on lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: Fuchka or Panipuri is the favorite of Indians and can't wait to say it again. In India, everyone at Lockdown is now cooking at home. And he is posting that picture on social media. And the most popular of these is the Fuchka or ‘Panipuri’ recipe. And everyone on Google is most interested to know this recipe. The search has increased by 108 percent.

Along with fast food, Panpuri and other yummy street food stores are still closed. The Indian government has imposed strict sanctions. The clock has been sharply observed in these lockdowns.

The total number of searches for recipes on YouTube has increased by twenty percent in recent months, according to a recent report published by Google India. Even the search for ready-to-eat food has increased by 56 percent. The demand for food has increased. Indians are discovering not only street food but also health and medicine products. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again announced a lockdown till March 16.

About 33 days have passed. But the number of victims is also increasing by leaps and bounds. At present, the number of corona cases is about thirty five thousand. Now the lock down is increasing as time goes on. All states have been extended lock down. And there is endless time in the hands of people. So people are spending time cooking these things. Corona virus terror is now chasing everyone day and night in panic. Yet people are finding the means to survive in this way.