This restaurant is serving food for only 1 taka to fill the stomachs of hungry people

1 taka, in this fire market maybe it is not possible to buy anything but a lozenge. Stomach food is a far cry. But a restaurant in Delhi has made such an impossibility possible. This restaurant named Shyam Rasoi has taken the responsibility of filling the stomachs of poor hungry people for only 1 taka.

The food is distributed daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 1,000 people came here and took their food. With the help of e-rickshaws, the restaurant staff delivered food to thousands more in the vicinity.

Restaurant owner Parveen Kumar Goel said an international survey found that more than 130 million people worldwide would be starving by the end of this year. After knowing this information, Parveen took the responsibility of filling the stomachs of the poor people. Rice, pulses, soybean polao, cheese all match in this 1 taka plate.

Parveen said that even though he kept 10 rupees at first, he saw that many people could not afford to pay 10 rupees. So he reduced the price of the plate to 1 taka. Many are helping him. One old woman even handed over her entire ration to them. He wants more people to come forward with their help so that they can continue this work until the situation returns to normal.

Although the unlockdown process started at the moment, many did not get their old jobs back. There is no doubt that Shyam Rasui's move deserves praise in this situation as the savings have run out.