This society is 'sick', Mahesh Bhatt is overwhelmed with the exhaustion of his daughter Shaheen! The old video started to go viral


BanglaHunt Desk: Mahesh Bhatt (mahesh bhatt) and Alia Bhatt (alia bhatt) are facing the wrath of netizens due to the controversy over name and nepotism with Riya Chakraborty. From the director's old reputation to controversial rhetoric, everything is going viral again.

In such a situation, an old video of the Bhatt family has gone viral where Mahesh Bhatt has been seen in a very excited state. He can be heard calling the present society 'sick'. That video has gone viral once again and needless to say, netizens have also started harassing the Bhat family again.

Mahesh Bhatt, Soni Rajdan, Pooja Bhatt, Shahin Bhatt were all present at a function at the end of last year. Even the paparazzi had the camera on their shoulders. Alia also threatened her father in front of everyone. Veteran director Mahesh Bhatt was told to shut up.

In fact, the entire Bhatt family was present at the launch of Didi Shaheen Bhatt's book 'I Have Never Been (Un) Happy'. There, Mahesh Bhatt suddenly got angry at the question of a journalist. He is heard to say, “How can my daughter be well in this sick society where all sickness and cruelty are tolerated.”

The director became very excited while talking. Meanwhile, Alia told him to keep quiet, thinking that his father's body might get worse due to the tension. But Mahesh Bhatt continued to express his opinion without caring about him. He doesn't even care about his wife Soni Rajdan's ban. Then Alia was heard to say, “I warned before. I knew it would happen. “

Later, however, when Mahesh Bhatt kept quiet, Alia jokingly said, “Now it is forbidden for him to speak.” In this book of Mahesh Bhatt-daughter Shahin, Shahin mentions fighting with his depression. Alia could not hold back her tears when she heard about her sister's exhaustion at the book launch.

This video has gone viral again and Mahesh Bhatt has been taken to task. Netizens say that he is so worried about his daughter's exhaustion, but day after day he has been harming Sushant's doctor. Others say society is not sick. Sick he himself. Many have also commented that he needs psychiatric treatment.