This special photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a new record on Twitter, shared among fans


BanglaHunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (narendra modi) has come with the message of keeping the society away from home and engaging in various social activities during the Corona transition. Thinking of all the countrymen, when people were under house arrest in the lockdown, they kept the countrymen involved in various activities.

In the lockdown, people were eager to hear the Prime Minister's message to the people. For the first time, the Prime Minister made a request to the people to encourage the Corona fighters who are engaged in the service of the country in this day of crisis by clapping, playing conch shells or playing dishes for a certain period of time on a particular day.

After complying with this request, Prime Minister Modi made another request. He requested the people to light the lamp for 9 minutes at 9 pm on a certain day. This request of the Prime Minister was also complied with by all the people of the country. Like all the countrymen that day, the Prime Minister himself lit the lamp and shared the picture from his Twitter handle.

At the end of the year Twitter shows back old memories again. Twitter authorities share the most likes, shares and, above all, viral images. According to the report, the picture of the then Prime Minister lighting the lamp has been shared, liked and viral most of the time this year. In other words, the picture of the Prime Minister lighting that lamp has been retweeted the most. The photo shared by Prime Minister Modi has been retweeted about 1 lakh 16 thousand times.

The number of followers on the Prime Minister's Twitter is currently more than 60 million people. Even as the most reviewed politician, Prime Minister Modi is at the top of all. Even among politicians, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is number one in terms of number of followers.