This time China will put a fence on the top of Everest to protect themselves from Nepal

Bangla Hunt Desk: Although the corona virus originated from their country, China has brought the killing effect of the virus under control. But neighboring Nepal is still battling the second wave of the corona virus. Thousands of new people are being infected every day. Everest stands on the Nepal-China border. With that in mind, Beijing is trying to save Chinese explorers by erecting a fence on the summit of Mount Everest. The decision was made to keep mountaineers from Nepal away from Chinese mountaineers. However, the plan to build the dividing line is correct, but Chinese state media have yet to provide details on how it is possible to build a fence in a high-altitude and inaccessible area like Everest.

In 2019, the corona epidemic spread from China to the rest of the world. They have finally been able to prevent the spread of the virus by tightening the lockdown and sealing the border. Although the rest of the world is still in the grip of the virus. Nepal is a small country on the border of India and China. Everest expeditions usually start from China or Nepal base camps. At least 30 people were recently attacked by corona at a base camp in Nepal. They were swiftly brought down from the base camp. China, however, has not allowed foreign explorers since last year. So all of them who have climbed Everest from China are Chinese citizens. But China planned to erect a fence on the summit of Everest so that they would not come in contact with Nepali explorers.

They want to prevent the infection by continuing the campaign. On the other hand, Nepal is plagued by the second wave of corona virus. Tourism is the main driving force of their economy. But the way the second wave of corona virus has hit, it doesn’t seem to be gaining momentum at the moment without stopping the Everest expedition. Now Nepal has folded its forehead in that thought.