This time Ileague is on the verge of cancellation.


This year's I-League is about to be canceled. Lockdown is going on all over the country at the moment, but where the situation stands it seems the lockdown will be extended by the central government. It is believed that standing in such a situation is not possible. Because if the lockdown is extended then it is not correct when the lockdown is opened again. Even after the lockdown is lifted, there is a ban on organizing a football match, it will take almost a long time for that ban to rise. In such a situation, there is no way for the Federation to cancel the lockdown.

The final decision on the I League will be made only after the central government has made a fresh decision on lockdown. However, AIFF sources said the season would have to end by May 31st. But if the ilig is to be started in the place where the situation stands now, it is not possible to finish the season in that period. And in such a situation, the probability of being ileg is very unlikely.

In such a situation, it is heard from different castles that the Federation will end here at this time. If this is the end of the I-League, then this year's Ileague Champion will be declared Mohanbagan. In that case, after the situation is over, the All India Football Federation will hand over to Mohanbagan.

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