This time in the drug case, the actor's wife got a notice from Shire Shaman Vivek Oberoi

BanglaHunt Desk: Drugs In the case Vivek Oberoi (vivek oberoy) was seriously trapped again. A notice has been sent to Vivek's wife Priyanka Alva on suspicion of having links with her brother Aditya Alva, who is involved in the Sandalwood drug case. A notice has been sent to Priyanka on behalf of City Crime Branch Bangalore (CCB).

According to ANI sources, the City Crime Branch conducted a surprise search of Vivek Oberoi's Mumbai residence on Thursday in search of Aditya Alwar. But Aditya did not match the hadith there. A lookout notice has been issued in his name. After that, the actor's wife Priyanka was given a notice on suspicion of having contact with her brother.

Incidentally, the City Crime Branch first arrested Ragini Dwivedi, an actress from the southern industry, on charges of being involved in the Sandalwood drug case. During interrogation, he revealed the name of Aditya Alwar, the brother-in-law of Vivek.

Ragini claimed that Aditya used to hold drug parties in his own house. Many stars of the southern film industry used to participate in that drug festival. Ragini Dwivedi said that she used to go there herself.

Incidentally, a number of stars have already admitted to various parties in the film industry where drug revelry is rampant. Charlene Chopra claimed that various drugs were served in trays at high profile parties in Bollywood.

Producer Vikram Bhatt also opened his mouth in this regard. In his words, “I went to many big parties. But I never went to a party where someone took drugs. I heard that different kinds of drugs were served at some parties. Drugs are served in trays. The guests choose and take drugs as they wish. But I have never seen anything like it. ”