This time in the nursing crisis, the nursing homes of Bengal want to return the migrant nurses to their own state


BanglaHunt Desk: At present, Kolkata is in the crisis of nurses. After the migrant workers, different state governments want to return the nurses to their home states. Due to which, in the crisis of Corona (COVID-19), the private hospitals of Kolkata may face problems with the nurse service this time.

The Manipur government has ordered the return of nurses from its state

The Manipur government has already directed 175 nurses from Kolkata to return to the state. Nurses from Orissa and Tripura are also returning to their respective states. As a result, the nurse service in Kolkata is now in dire straits.

There are many nurses in Kolkata

After passing the nursing examination, many girls came from one state to another to study. Then, at the end of the study, a qualified nurse was created and started working there. Similarly, there are a lot of nurses from Kolkata in Vinh State. In the midst of this Corona crisis, the Manipur government has instructed their nurses to return.

Doctors and nurses are in quarantine under Corona

Doctors and nurses working in many hospitals in the state are currently in quarantine. As a result, part of the hospital is closed. Hospital authorities fear the crisis could escalate if Manipur nurses return to their home state in the wake of the crisis.

Several nurses have already given Manipur Pari

On Friday, after receiving the instructions, many nurses traveled from Kolkata to Imphal on buses bound for their home state of Manipur. Due to the return of these nurses, the hospitals of Bengal are now facing serious problems. At the same time, the people of Bengal will be in crisis if more nurses from different states return to their states in the future.