This time Mamata lost her temper and tried to kill the journalist, viral hall video


Banglahant Desk: Nandigram was the center of attention for the second phase of this election. The news of political violence came up from there in the morning. Somewhere there is an allegation of ‘printing’, somewhere there is an allegation of not allowing the polling agent to enter the booth. All this was a matter of practice till noon. However, after Mamata Banerjee came out of her rented house in Reyapara, Nandigram, the headline spread in Boyal Kand.

Mamata was detained for more than two and a half hours at Boal No. 7 in Bayal. Outside Trinamool-BJP (TMC & BJP) supporters clash situation. Stuck inside, he called the governor (Jagadeep Dhankar) and demanded a peaceful vote. Shortly after Dhankar responded positively to the Chief Minister’s plea on Twitter, a large police force, including a special observer from the Nandigram Election Commission, appeared. While there, IPS officer Nagendranath Tripathi had to face Mamata’s anger.

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He later appealed to the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) to leave, assuring him of a peaceful vote. Then Mamata came out of booth No. 6 and complained that ‘BJP is looting votes.’ He also said, “90 percent of the grassroots votes in Nandigram.” Later, however, Mamata took the Election Commission by storm for not allowing people to vote in the celebration of democracy. He also pleaded with the commission to play a neutral role.

In the midst of all this, Mamata lost her temper and tried to kill a journalist. Due to which he came up in the headlines again. The BJP did not miss the opportunity. The deadly video of the Chief Minister was shared on the Twitter handle of Gerua Shibir. After that, Mamata’s comment that ‘Ek Dev Vi’ became deadly to the journalist became viral. The BJP did not stop commenting on it. That comment can be noticed in the video cache. The caption reads ‘Is this anger out of frustration?’