This time the ISI organization will look for the victims of corona in Pakistan, big announcement of Imran government

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has been seen making strange decisions at different times. But this time, above all, he tasked the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) organization with finding the victims.

Starting from training terrorism, the group that is always ready to create terrorism in India, this time gave a big responsibility to that group. According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn and other news agencies, Imran Khan has also made a big announcement for the job.

The ISI will catch the victims

The ISI also came up with a strategy to find the victims of the corona. In order to create terrorism, to spread terror and to protect the terrorists belonging to their own community, the tracking system used by the ISI organization will not catch the infected people in the same way. In other words, Pakistan's terrorist organization will use their method of creating secret terrorism to find the victims of Corona.

The system will be used to find the terrorists

This method is commonly used by ISI organizations to track the location of terrorists in case they create terrorism. But this time the Pakistani government will use Imran Khan's method to find out who is infected and who came in contact with them. With the consent of the government, the terrorist group has started their work.

Imran Khan unhappy with lockdown

It is rumored that the ISI is using the phone monitoring system to spread terror to find the victims. This is not the first time that the Imran government has taken such a drastic decision. Earlier, when the lockdown was going on all over the world to save it from the Corona epidemic, no lockdown was issued in Pakistan on the pretext of a troubled economy. But in the end, when the Pak army was attacked by the Corona, the Pak government was forced to declare a lockdown. But he is adamantly opposed to a complete lockdown, saying the government has to think about the people it eats once a day before making any big decisions.