This trick will come in handy if you get stuck in a car, this is how you will get out


Car Tips: कार में फंस गए तो काम आएगी ये ट्रिक, ऐसे निकल जाएंगे बाहर

Car Tips: If you get stuck in a car, this trick will come in handy, this is how you will get outImage Credit source: Freepik

Nowadays school holidays are going on, so if you are planning a trip with your family, then this information will be very useful for you. The family consists of people of all ages including children, whether in mischief or for any reason. get stuck in the car And if the key is also left inside, then you start panicking. But instead of getting panic, you should work with your mind and calmness. But now you must be thinking that how can one be calm in such a situation.

But let us tell you that if you do not work peacefully, then because of this the child can also get nervous. Today we will tell you such a trick, after which you can easily get out of the car or guide the child.

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The key lying in the car will do wonders

If you yourself or your child is trapped in the car and the car key is inside then you can get out very easily. That is, you can make an emergency exit and you will not face any problem. Here we will tell you such a trick, after which you will easily leave.

follow these steps

  • For this, first take the key of your car.
  • After this go to the back seat.
  • Going to the back seat, lower his seat down.
  • Now go to the trunk of the car.
  • You will see a mark on the inside side of the trunk door of the car.
  • A straight line and a car mark will be made.
  • Insert the key down on that mark and rotate it in a straight line.
  • After doing this, the door of the diggy will open and you can easily make an emergency exit from the rear.

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