This year there will be no Path Rath Yatra on the road, all the programs will be inside the temple


Corona's curse has stopped human life. The Odisha government also took important decisions regarding the Rath Yatra. The whole world has stopped with the corona virus, there is no festival. However, Ramadan did not happen due to the lock down.

And this year the rath yatra will be held inside the temple of Puri. It has been said that the chariot will not be on the streets this time like every year in the chariot festival in June. But yes, people dream of it every day. Dreaming will be all normal again Corona's curse will be cut.

Jagannath Dev got on the chariot from Akshay III. . The chariot is made every year in the temple premises of Puri. But no chariot has been made for this year's Corona, no pujo on the occasion of Akshay III. However, no one will regularly violate the chariot ride until the lock down is over.

After a meeting between the Odisha government and the temple committee, the government said the final decision on the procession would be taken by the temple committee. The situation in Corona has become so dire that now everyone is under house arrest and so this year's rath yatra will be held inside the temple. This decision has been taken with the common man in mind. The corona virus seems to be getting stronger. And the number of corona cases is increasing by leaps and bounds. In this situation, there are more than seventeen thousand people affected in Varo too. And in this situation, the government does not want to take any new wrong decision.