Those responsible for Kerala mother elephant death will be severely punished: Chief Minister Vijayan


BanglaHunt Desk: A pregnant elephant has died after eating gunpowder-packed pineapple in Malappuram, Kerala. Strict action will be taken against those involved in the Malappuram incident in Kerala, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The forest department is investigating. He also assured that the culprits will be caught soon.

Recently, a pregnant elephant was wandering in a village in Malappuram district of Kerala. They came out of the jungle in search of food. Tomorrow is his day to set foot in the civilized world. The elephant ate pineapple stuffed with fireworks and gunpowder. As a result, that's exactly what happened. The adult elephant died along with the fetus. Some residents of the village have been accused of committing this heinous act. There is a storm of condemnation on social media. Demands for severe punishment of the guilty. Exactly how inhuman and brutal it is, but such an incident happens with an obese animal – everyone raises the question.

Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan shared the details of the whole incident on social media. Everyone's eyes got wet after reading his passionate writing. Mohan wrote, “Even after the explosion of gunpowder in his mouth, he probably didn't understand what happened to him. The whole village was in agony. But not a single house was demolished. No one was attacked. He was like that. Simple. Everyone believed. But he undoubtedly understood that the end time had come. And then of course the first thing that came to her mind was the fetus. ”

The injured elephant was drowning in a local river. Maybe I thought it would reduce the irritation of the face a little. And the insects in the vicinity will not bother the place of injury. Upon receiving the news of such a tragic incident, Mohan immediately reached the spot with the rescue team. But the elephant did not want to leave the water.