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Banglahunt Desk: MP Mimi Chakraborty is having a frustrating day. What did he think he had become. In fact, Mimir had a unique sense of quarantine life. In other ways, he planned to spend time in prison. But in reality nothing happened. That's why Mimi Chakraborty has been in a rage.
The actress was detained shortly after returning from shooting in London. The first two weeks were in isolation. He shares many pictures from home, sometimes videos and sometimes mim. The actress made a video of what she expected and what was going on in reality while in detention.

Mimi thought she would spend her time as a housewife. There's no work now, so enjoy this spare time. But in reality his time KaAvoiding cooking, cooking. Homework man is on vacation for fear of contracting Corona. So all the work has to be done manually by the MP and the actress. He thought sitting on the balcony would sip quietly into a cup of coffee. But instead of his coffee he is drinking. The quarantine of the real does not match the imagination at all. Mimi actually made this whole video fun. The fans commented on his video. Some have told how they spend their time at home in this quarantine time. Many have asked about Mimi's next film. The actress answered many. He also gave tips on how to spend time at home.

Contextually, before this the scene of his photo was made to mimic the message of alert people. All those mimes went viral on social media too.

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