Thousands of chickens are coming out of eggs, Kiran Bedi shares viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona chickens are coming out of numerous eggs thrown in terror. A video that has recently circulated on social media. With that, it is customary for the net. Kiran Bedi has traditionally had trouble sharing this video. Pondicherry's Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi was attacked on Twitter after the video proved to be fake.

He shared this video on social media Twitter, writing that the Eggs were thrown as waste because of corona, after one week hatched. The creation of nature. (Forwarded) Life has its own mysterious ways. (One week after the eggs were dropped due to coronation, the chicks are born. Nature's creation. Life has its own mysterious way.)

Immediately after this, the storm of criticism surrounded the speech and spread the net. Kiran Bedi was attacked for sharing this video of a disintegrated scientist. According to some of them, Kiran Bedi's WhatsApp account should be deleted. Someone says, Corona himself came to a country where I was worried. Dr. Nimo says one Twitter user jokingly wrote, “Yes mum, milk and couch I left in a separate place for coroner waste and when I visited that place 2 hours later it became a bed bug. I think nature is healing itself.”

According to experts, it is not possible for your baby to hatch after hatching eggs out in the open. The only artificial way is to incubate the chicken in the incubator. The chickens were probably shot in an incubator

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